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Our Ground Control Stations come pre-loaded with easy to use software.  The various software can also be mounted on either a laptop or small tablet depending on your requirements.
Fly your UAV manually or command it in fully automatic mode with up to 20 waypoints.  ‘Loiter’ or ‘Altitude Hold’ also make flying your new UAV easy.

Mission Planner

Our UAV’s use modified open source software to fly a wide variety of missions both manually and automatically. Mission Planner is a tried and tested ground control station platform and is compatible with Windows only.

Mission Planner can be used as a configuration utility or as a dynamic control supplement for your automatic vehicle. Our UAV’s can also fly using RC or Android DroidPlanner GCS. The various GCS software can be mounted on either a laptop or small tablet depending on the requirement.

The UAV is controlled either by the attached joysticks or a pre-programmed route with additional commands. The GCS offers simultaneous visual mapping and drone location as well as direct video streaming from the on-board camera. pre- programmed waypoint missions of search area mission can be interrupted and the drone reassigned during flight. The ability to have the UAV ‘follow me’ allows the operator to have the drone follow the GCS. Mapping is embedded prior to operations to provide excellent geo-referenced maps when internet is not available. Pre-programmed flight missions can also be built prior to the operation commencing prior the operation starting.


DroidPlanner is an excellent GCS that is ideal when a laptop is not convenient. It allows for a wide variety of search patterns which the UAV will carry out in autonomous mode. The search patterns can be adjusted for flight height and lane width so that the entire area can be visually covered. This function is designed for deployment in Search & Rescue operations / crowd control / law enforcement etc.

In DroidPlanner 2.0 you’ll find two primary screens for interaction: Telemetry and Planning. From the telemetry screen you can quickly assess overall aircraft health and what it is doing. You can also enter Guided mode at your current altitude with a long press – other quick actions from the Telemetry screen include Land, Home (RTL), Loiter, and Follow me.

Long Range Communications

As you can easily and quickly preset up to 20 waypoints (you can interrupt to take control at any point), you can fly automatically beyond the video or telemetry range, enabling you to go further - Subject to air regulations in your country.

Our new system supports the UAV to fly in most countries with frequency compliance including, 2.4GHz / 5.8GHz / 433MHz /915MHZ (USA). Ranges are dependent of ground clutter and vary on the type of terrain over which the drone operates. Tested examples are as below in the worst conditions, and much higher ranges have been achieved:

We state the drone will fly on all frequencies up to 1km; test results have produced the following results, but again these will vary from country to country.

  • Building and alleyway penetration 300m (985 ft) to 500m (appropriate opening required)
  • Dense Urban Area 800m to 1000m
  • Undulating Open ground 1000m to 2000m
  • Telemetry Waypoint Navigation 1000m (Telemetry loss failsafe disconnected so that the drone flies on GPS only)
  • Video Link 600m to 1500m
Note: (1) Flight range and video range is dependant line of site, drone height and the amount of ground clutter or electronic interference. Ranges also adjust depending on the frequency used.
(2) Encryption available to certain clients as an optional extra.

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