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Built for ISR , SAR & Maritime Pollution Control

The W204 is a platform specially developed for maritime operations. It is currently being operated by the Portuguese Air Force for the European Maritime Safety agency.

The system is equipped with a powerful UAVision EO System, SAR detection systems and a specialised payload for detecting SOx and NOx vessel emissions, according to the European Union (EU) directive 2016/802.


  • Border patrol and surveillance
  • Maritime coastal area surveillance
  • Vessel tracking and identification
  • Search and rescue
  • Remote sensing
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Flight range: 100km (Stromcomm) or 500km (Satcom SBD)
  • Endurance: Up to 10 hours (payload dependent)
  • Service ceiling: 8000ft
  • Cruise speed: 51 knots
  • Max speed: 70 Knots
  • Stall speed: 39 Knots
  • Propulsion: Combustion engine

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