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Buzzard – Hybrid

The flexibility of vertical take off and land (VTOL)

and duration and range of a fixed wing


The Buzzard has:

– Low stall speeds
– A Large payload capacity
– Retract nose gear
– A built in compartment
– Long endurance gasoline engine power system

So less energy expended and more time in the air

• This BCB Buzzard hybrid drone VTOL is specifically designed to have additional endurance and a heavier payload for any tough missions.

• Fully proven it has completed a series of arduous missions around the world.

• With our innovative design approach and extensive experience, we have achieved an efficient hybrid vertical takeoff and landing.

• The German manufactured Eagle low stall speed and an extended cruise range is a highly efficient petrol engine.

• Flying time has been extended to a staggering 5 to 6 hours, and reliability has not been compromised.

• In addition to the huge payload capacity, we have added intelligent features such as the removable module.

• Avionics systems is the latest state of the art system. For example, cables are shielded and hidden to reduce electromagnetic interference and prevent tampering.

• The quadrotor system has been significantly upgraded to a giant 21kg MTOW literally “heavy” mission. VTOL is not restricted by field and runway requirements. In addition, the quadrotor has the added benefit of providing maximum fail-safe protection during the mission. 4400



Ideal for search and rescue missions, inspections, photography, thermal imaging, 3D terrain mapping, precision agriculture, surveillance and reconnaissance.


WING (Forward swept wing)

The forward swept wing has four main advantages:

  1. Structural advantages
  2. Maneuverability advantage
  3. Takeoff and landing advantage
  4. Controllable advantages


The trapezoidal shape of the fuselage minimizes the fuselage to wing interaction, drag and interference.

Special design of Large flexible avionics compartment eliminating the miss-operation by operator.

Main Engine

3W-28i engine made in Germany provides a very reliable and efficient long distance capability.

36 month engine warranty or 1200 operation hours.Autopilot system

Full autonomous flight controller and navigation System. It internally integrates the flight control computer and micro-assembly navigation system (GPS/INS). Real time flight status monitoring & alarm functions and a sophisticated emergency protection mechanism . Capable of enabling automatic takeoff, landing, hovering, circling, homing, altitude holding. Also capable of various autonomous cruise functions based on the pre-set route.


Inverted tail design improves efficiency while decreasing drag.Telemetry system

P400 Data linkage. Range up to 60km at line of sight in open area with 1.8m fiberglass antenna on a 2m tripod.

Cruise Power System

Higher density Li-ion battery.

For VTOL functioning


  • Full composite, Carbon fibre, Kevlar / Honeycomb core structure

  • Gasoline engine for fix wing cruise, baWery power for VTOL system

  • Tough structure achieve industrial standard

  • Compa=ble with full-featured PC-base, open source autopilot system

  • Easy for assemble in the field, no need for expert skill – VTOL suit for any mission

Wing span: 4400mm
MTOW 21 kg
Telemetry range 100km
Fuel tank: 11 Litre
Fuel consumption: Apprx. 2Liter/hour
Endurance: >5 – 6 hours
Mission range: 400 km  (200km out + 200km back)
Cruise speed: 93.6 km/hr
Available payload: 17 kg
VTLO Battery 12s 20000 mah, Weight 6kg, hovering time ~ 4mins
Remaining weight for payload & Fuel 11 kg
Gasoline engine 120 cc
Payload 2 kg

Attitude angle Angle measurement range pitch/roll: ±90º/±180º
Static accuracy: 0.5º
Dynamic accuracy 1.0º
Heading angle Measurement range: ±180º
Accuracy: 2.0º
GNSS Position Accuracy: 2.5m
Speed accuracy: 0.05m/s
Gyroscope Measurement range: ±500º/s
Stability 25º/h
Nonlinear 0.2% FS
Accelerometer Measurement range: ±4g
Stability: 5mg
Nonlinear: 0.1% FS
Magnetometer Measurement range: ±2Gauss
Nonlinear: 0.1% FS

Power Supply Voltage range: DC3.OV-DC9.OV
Power consumption: 210mA@DC5.OV
Data interface Electrical Interface: Serial, RS232C
Output frequency: 1Hz-200hz user defined
Baud rate: Default307200,N,8,1 User defined
Environment Operating temperature: -20ºC~55ºC


2 axis gimbal 

Installation of gimbal, ground test

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