Long-Range UAV

The Dragon MK-3 UAV is  an advanced unmanned aerial drone designed for a wide range of military and civilian applications.

With its sleek and aerodynamic design, the UAV boasts exceptional flight performance and endurance.

The Dragon MK3 is highly versatile, capable of performing reconnaissance missions, surveillance operations, and target acquisition tasks with ease.

It is equipped with an advanced autopilot system which ensures precise navigation and stable flight even in challenging weather conditions.

Available in two variants


Wingspan: 3.8 Metre

Payload: 15kg


Wingspan: 4.5 Metre

Payload: 25kg

Cutting-Edge Security Capabilities

The Dragon MK3 features impressive endurance which allows it to remain airborne for extended period, ensuring round-the-clock surveillance.

Equipped with real-time data transmission, the Dragon MK3 offers decision-makers timely and crucial information, enhancing response time and effectiveness.

With the Dragon MK3, the future of security is not just in safe hands, but under secure wings.

Portable Ground Control Station

The Portable Ground Station is a ready to use command control station designed to be customizable for different missions and configurations.

This allows control of multiple, different payloads or UAVs with one ground case and minimum changes.

This Ground Station can monitor and control any remote sensor. The screens are high brightness, allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors.

The user will find several ports to connect different systems and interfaces such as the autopilot or USB connectors.

Efficient Engine

Dragon MK3 uses a ‘PUSHER’ 4-STROKE, 120cc British-made engine.

EFI and oxygen sensor controls fuel and ignition for optimum performance in all weather at all altitudes.

Engine data logged by ECU and external removable logger on continuous loop.

Real-time feedback for fuel, temperature, airspeed, alternator performance, engine condition, etc.

Onboard companion computer with data recording as required.

Goods delivery actuator control system.

Electrical Power

External plug-in ground power for 12v supply.

Alternator power to PMU to deliver 24v, 12v and 5v to support all on board systems.

Emergency battery charging system.

Onboard battery with 2 hours endurance.

Fuel Efficient = Better Performance

Available in two variants


Longer range, Longer duration


Higher RPM for more demanding missions

Payload Options

Camera Systems

One of the most common payloads for the Dragon MK3 is a camera system. This can range from a basic digital camera for aerial photography and videography to more advanced systems such as thermal imaging cameras for night operations, or multispectral cameras for agricultural or environmental monitoring.

LiDAR Sensors

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors are also a common payload option. These sensors use pulses of light to measure distances and generate details 3D maps of the terrain below. They are often used in surveying and mapping applications.

Radar Systems

Radar systems are used when the UAV needs to detect and track moving objects or provide ground-penetrating radar capabilities. This is useful in search and rescue missions, border surveillance, or geological surveys.

Payload Delivery Systems

The Dragon MK3 can be equipped with a payload delivery system that can drop supplies, equipment, or even small autonomous vehicles to specific locations. This is particularly useful in disaster response or military operations.

Electronic Warfare Systems

The Dragon UAS is not solely reliant upon GPS to provide a navigation position. An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) within the Collins Aerospace Piccolo II autopilot estimates the position of the UAS using the last known position and the sum of the UAS movements measured using 3-axis accelerometers & gyroscopes. This enables the UAS to navigate without GPS.