Production capabilities

BCB International Ltd, founded over 160 years ago, have been designing and developing UAV’s since 2006. We have specialised in the development, production and marketing of multi-rotors (quad / hex / octo-copter systems) for various applications.

We work closely with our partner Companies, Universities and research centres in a long term relationship, we have focused on establishing the bridge between the academic developments and the industry.

The BCB International partnership has produced  a multi-disciplinary team that covers different areas of UAV engineering, such as aerospace, electronics, mechanical, automation and control, and image processing. This allows our International sales force to offer technologies that meet the task both for mutli-rotor and fixed wing.

Background & internal competences

Our products are included in the small UAV Class and MALE Class (Medium Altitude Long Endurance). We have an ever growing product range of VTOL UAV’s and fixed wing UAV’S available to purchase. These present a unique and advanced adaptability option, flight stability with an easy to use system, in a line of turnkey ready-to-fly products that require less piloting and operator training and more focus on the mission.

All the electronics and structural systems are designed and developed jointly by our production partners.

Technology experience

We have vast technical experience in different technologies, due to our multidisciplinary team with capabilities in aeronautics, electronics, computers, mechanics and materials (composites).

Our teams are able to design, built, simulate and test of all the sub-systems of an unmanned aerial platform, from mechanics and composite construction techniques to navigation and control algorithms. The R&D team works on electronic circuit design, Printed Circuit Board design, microprocessor programming in several platforms, as well as working with different communication buses / interfaces and wireless communications.

In terms of production, we have the capability of assembly Printed Circuit Boards and perform all the inspection and test equipment, as well as machining and composite parts manufacturing.

Internal production capabilities

We have the internal capability to produce equipment such as assembly of electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board), mechanical parts and molds for composite and composite parts. Our facilities and infra-structures comprises:
  • Workshop (metalwork, composite and electronics)
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse, for materials management
  • CADCAM capabilities: SolidWorks; SURFCAM; IRBCAM
  • Image Processing algorithms capabilities
  • 5-axis ABB robot (3m arm) for machining of large and complex parts, and for automated assembly
  • 3-axis CNC machine for the production of prototype and serial parts
  • 3D Printer, for rapid prototyping and production of plastic moulds from 3D drawings
  • PCB assembly line, including stencil printer and vapour-phase soldering machine, for high quality PCB assembly
  • We also provide a comprehensive servicing and maintenance program

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