Our Product Range

We are specialised in the design and manufacture of small Vertical Take Off and Land (VTOL) Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS).  We have now grown our range from the very small 600 gram SQ4 to a much larger mini SQ7 at 12 kilo maximum take-off weight (MTOW), with greater stability and pay load capability.

All of our RPAS, VTOL systems come ready to fly in a suitable carry case (either backpack or tough plastic case), with two LiPo batteries, spare propellers, full instructions and our ground control station.  Only the SQ4 is supplied with a camera which is fixed.  We can supply suitable cameras for other systems.

In addition to its normal functions of visual surveillance, our UAV’s can be fitted with a wide range of functionality such as RFID readers, radiation and gas sensors. LIDAR can also be used as an optional extra, and a Boat Stopping feature is under development.

All of our UAV’s can be flown with any of our Ground Control Stations using our easy to use software.

Our UAV’s at a glance


The SQ-4 is one of the most advanced Nano UAV’s today. Packed with excellent features, it is ideal for both military and civilian use.
Max flying time 35 minutes
Range 3 Km
Airframe weight 600 grams
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 8 cm
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SQ-7 presents a new definition in aerodynamics, flight stability, payload capability and flight time.
Max flying time Over 1 hour
Range 16 Km
MTOW 12  Kg
Dimensions 183 x 183 x 52 cm
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The W-201 is the latest and very versatile UAV from the BCB Robotics series. With a great performance regarding stability, W-101 has been developed for advanced missions demanding agility and high quality images. Hand launched. Parachute recovery. Two wing variations for either endurance or speed.
Max flying time 2 hours
Range 30 Km
MTOW 7  Kg
Wingspan 2 metres
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The W-201 is a tactical medium range fixed wing UAV. High volume payload bay and Interchangeable nose for fast setup with different sensors. Suitable for applications such as surveillance, border control, gas and oil pipelines monitoring and general security or defence.  Runway launched.
Max flying time 10 hours
Range 250 Km
MTOW 25  Kg
Wingspan 3.9 metres
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