SQ-10 Quadcopter

Heavy Duty, Long Endurance

This Quadcopter is widely used by special forces and law enforcement units.

It is capable of operating both on sea and land environments, a feature that is unusually seen in this kind of aircraft.

The very low noise signature and its powerful vision systems make it and ideal choice for missions that demand hovering capability.

Lightweight yet Powerful

Built from carbon fibre, the SQ-10 offers a lightweight (600 gram) vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) surveillance air-element.

Small, fast, robust and very quiet, the SQ-10 is ideal for performing a wide range of tasks including, surveillance, reconnaissance, HASMAT damage assessment, both indoor and outside.


This Quadcopter is also designed to withstand almost endless flight endurances, through it’s tethering system which allows the aircraft to be powered directly from the ground.

This feature allows Quadcopter to be airborne for up to 24 hour.May be used either as a fixed surveillance outpost, securing a military compound for example, or even as a moving surveillance system if tethered to a vehicle.

Equipped with a powerful UAVision electrooptic system, it ensures active surveillance over a radius of up to 5km.It is a perfect system for surveillance on active armed conflict scenarios because it automatically locks and tracks targets entering it’s secure perimeter, therefore allowing the ground assets to be aware of an incoming threat long before it gets close.


  • Bidirectional datalink with 8km range LOS (line of sight)
  • Up to 10 Km in Autonomous Navigation
  • Flight time limit up to 1 hour
  • Wind Limit: up to 20knots
  • Maximum speed: 30 Knots
  • Operational Temperature -10 to 50ºC
  • Payload: Thermal and Visible gyrostabilized cameras
  • Power Source Intelligent high performance battery
  • Take-off and landing: Automatic
  • Autonomous Navigation
  • MTOW: 14 Kg
  • Payload: 3kg

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