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SQ-8 Hummingbird

Operates in the Harshest Environments

This quad/8 rotor was designed to be the most robust UAV system available – designed for

Search & Rescue operations, can operate in the harshest environments including heavy rain

and wind gusting over 40mph!

Advanced flight control system’s providing triple redundant IMU’s, compasses and GPS units along with the coaxial X8 motor configuration.

Dual intelligent flight batteries ensure maximum reliability.

30x optics, FLIR thermal imaging and payload.

Highly versatile platform able to carry and integrate a vast range of specialist payloads.


Ground Station

Panasonic toughpad and joysticks for a weatherproof, robust and intuitive solution. Capable of running the most popular flight control applications including; Mission Planner; Q-Ground Control or a bespoke branded software package can be written for an additional cost.

The ground station provides a range of 20km and is AES encrypted.


Suggested spares below. Full range of spares available on request.

Component Suggested Qty
Arm Set 1
Propeller Set (4 Pairs) 1
Battery Set (1 Pair) 2
Landing Gear Extension 1

Can be configured to carry payloads up to 10kg, however as standard it can comfortably carry 3kg.

For SAR operations it is usually recommended to carry a FLIR thermal imaging camera (FLIR Vue Pro R or FLIR Duo Pro R) for locating heat signatures and a 30x optical zoom RGB camera (Long range) for closer inspection.

Can also be fitted with a specialist payload drop mechanism for delivering supply’s and other aid equipment

Configuration: Coaxial Octocopter X8 Folding
Weight: 9kg Dry / 14kg AUW / 20kg MTOW
Size: 980 mm (Diagonally)
Operating Voltage: 6s / 22.v Nominal
Propeller Size: 18″
Flight Time: 20-30minutes (dependent on battery)
Motor Redundancy: Yes
Control Range: Up to 20km
Operating Frequency: 2.4ghz – 5.8ghz
Autonomous Flight: Yes
Video Link: HD / 1080p
Thermal Capability: Yes/td>
Optical Zoom: 30x
Dual Payloads: Yes
Ground Station: Integrated Toughpad
Weather Suitability: Adverse
Max Windspeed: 40mph
IP Rating: IP65

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