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Mission Ready

This well proven mission ready UAV Platform has a long flight endurance(12 hours) and is versatile to carry a number of payloads that can be carried and supported by the on-board electronic systems.

Aircraft dismantles into components of 2 metre and ease of transport.

Integrated to satellite telemetry option which will give a real time live feed at any flight distance.


Removable front section allows easy access to onboard systems, components, and to add other capabilities and quite large payloads as the need arises.Autopilot system  

Ground station with 50km as supplied or 150km as upgraded link. Real-time telemetry for aircraft, engine and data on separate screens Pilot’s consul for manual control.  Real-time feedback of fuel consumption and capacity.Onboard companion computer coding of systems control & GUI interface Systems

  • Engine ECU controlling fuel and ignition for optimum performance in all weather.
  • Engine data logged by ECU and external removable logger on continuous loop.
  • Data recorded on Micro SD logger (approx. 1000hrs).
  • Differential GPS for accurate positioning.
  • All onboard systems accessible through a plug in USB port.
All weather – Widely used in very hot & very cold extreme temperature conditions in many countries around the world. Operational temperature from -40oC to +50oC (with skids).Power Plant – W-201

External plug in ground power from 12v supply …………………….. Standby

Onboard alternator supplying 24v, 12v and 5v outputs…………… Engine running

Onboard battery with approximately 2 hours endurance ……….. Emergency

Wingspan  3.8m
Length  3.0m
Maximum Take-Of Weight 45 Kg
Fuel capacity  ~11.5L (2020 specification)
Fuel consumption (cruising) 1.5 L/hr (high altitude engine) or 1 L/hr (altitude up to 5000 ft engine)
Operational range 560 Km or 770 Km (engine variants as above)
Payload Optimal 6 Kg, Maximum 12 Kg120cc,4 stroke petrol
Engine  Twin cylinder or single cylinder 120 cc 4 stroke petroil 4% mix
Engine Control fuel injection ECU
Propellor 28 x 14 3 blade
Landing Gear Options Tricycle wheels or skids with a launcher for hot weather or rougher terrain landings
Maximum Altitude 19,000 ft or 5000 ft (engine variant dependent)
Cruising altitude 3500 – 8000 ft
Flight Duration 7 hours or 11 hours (engine variant dependent)

Ambient Temperature -40° to +65°C
IP Rating IP-67 (Dust/Immersion in water up to 1m)
Dimensions excluding connectors 4.00″ x 2.63″x1.53″

101.6 x66.8x 38.35mm

Weight 15oz
Colour Black Anodized
Mounting 4-hole mounting patterns (through-hole)

Voltage 9-20 VDC
Power consumption 4.8 W – 24W @4W TX Power
Battery Life 4.8 W – 16W @1W TX Power Up to 12 hours (6.Ah MBITR Battery)
Power Options Twist-lock battery (BB) or Front Panel (EB)

Image Gallery

Frequency band options

Band (freq. code) Frequency Range
UHF (042) 400-450
ISM 900 (910) 901-928
 L Band (137) 1350-1390
Upper L (181) 1780-1850
Broadcast B (206) 2025- 2110
Federal S (235) 2200-2300
 S Band (235) 2200-2500
2.4GHz ISM (245) 2400-2500
 Low Band C (455) 4400-4700
 Federal C-1 (467) 4400-4940
Federal C-2 (469)* 4700-4990
 High C Band (485) 4700-5000
5.2GHz ISM (520) 5150-5250
5.8GHz ISM (520) 5725-5875
Radius of live video download – 50km (standard) or 150km (optional extra) without satellite communicationWe recommend using this option for testing and training flights to eliminate the need for expensive satellite air time.The combined system of UAV, camera and radio telemetry will allow near real time live video images to be relayed from the UAV to the Operational Command Centre using the 15,000 kb/s HD link.

– Fully encrypted                                             – Antenna in the GCS

– Transponders                                               – Fully autonomous control

Multi Sensor Gyro-Stabilized System

Experience high-quality performance at day and night with the miniature CM132 multi sensor, gyro-stabilized imaging system. The CM132 is a compact, sub 1kg / 2.2lb system, ideal for integration into fixed wing surveillance UAVs such as the W-101.


Daylight (EO) Thermal (LWIR)
Type: CCD Global Shutter Wavelength: 8 – 12
Resolution: 1280 x 720 Resolution: 640 x 480
FoV: 62.9° to 2.4° FoV: 25° to 18°
Zoom: 30x Continuous Optical Focal Length: 35mm
Frame rate: 25Hz Frame Rate: Up To 30Hz

Technical Specifications

Mechanical Axes  2 (pan and Tilt)
Position Accuracy  0.0046° (80 µrad)
Elevation  ±120°
Azimuth  360° Continuos
Slew Rate 300° / sec
Operational range optimal 10kg, maximum 15kg
Power Idle 15W / Peak 80W
Voltage  18 – 24V
Modes Rate/ Scene/ Track/ GEO-Lock
Communications Link Ethernet / RS232

Communications library available

Analogue Output  Composite
Digital Output  h.264 MPEG2 TS
Snapshots  1280 x 720 (EO) 640 x 480 (IR) Stored On Board
Standards  MISB (0102. 10.0601.7.0603.2, 0604.3 &0903.3)

& STANAG  (4609) Compliant

Weight  9-20 VDC
Diametre  130mm/ 5in
Hight  144mm/5.7in
Temperature  -10°C to +50°C
Environment  IP67
MTBF > 1000 hours
Shock Limit 20 G

Horizontal Positision Accuracy  2.0m
Vertical Position Accuracy   3.0m
Heading Accuracy  0.8°
Accelerometer Range ±16G
Supported GPS L1/ GLONASS L1

GALILEO E1 / BeiDou L1

Timing accuracy  30ns

  • Recording on Board

  • Encoding
  • Object Tracking
  • E-Stabilization
  • Scene Steering

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